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So, hey guys. Well, I just found out my dad lost his job today, and since he’s my families only source of income, we’re all a bit worried right now. So basically, this week went straight to hell, and I’m just not really feeling up to…this. I don’t think I’ll be online much for a while. I’m going to keep my art blog open, mostly because if things don’t get better I’ll see if maybe doing commissions could help.

I’ll see you all around.

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White at Chanel Pre-Fall 2013

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Sakura and a blowfish.


Sakura and a blowfish.

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who did…… THE THING?

who did…… THE THING?

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Basically Luna is my favorite.

Too good.

This is amazing.

But can we please talk about Usagi in this comic?

“lol I’m eating chips now, tho.” 

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i went downstairs several hours ago, and it suddenly became “family movie night”

And i am just going to throw this out there

but prometheus might be the biggest cluster fuck of a movie i’ve ever seen??????

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